Friday, August 21, 2009


I Am Out Of Cigarettes Again!

Yes I am out of cigarettes again! I just saw my previous blog post about how I made the law of attraction work for me and I am trying to do that again! Sometimes I think that I try too hard and that's why it doesn't work!

Like I said I am out of cigarettes (again) and I'm trying to keep my hopes up! I am anxiously awaiting my Adsense earnings but according to The Adsense Consultant, the soonest I can expect my Adsense payment is sometime next week which means it is going to be torture to get through the weekend! I am loathing it already!

I looked at my Paypal amount and its not enough to buy even the cheapest pack of cigarettes that I can find!

This being without cigarettes is making me feel so bad, angry, frustrated and very, very cranky!

I'm patiently trying to wait until I get my Adsense money but that is at least a few days away!

Oh, the suffering!

I seem to go through this kind of torture the same time every month - especially when I'm out of cigarettes but until I get the money to buy me some more cigarettes - I am definitely going to be in one foul mood!

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